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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 4:48pm
Current mood: sick, bored, anticipating...
Music: mTv iMs
Subject: happy passover!
i have this destination set somewhere that does not exist
i endlessly and incessantly walk the sidewalk the rain has kissed
the rain a symbol of anger, impatience, and desire to be free
i desire to be anything, anyone but me

the drama surrounding, encircling the world
just the wet face of this anguish-filled girl
the tears run down, as fast as the rain
the floods, and floods of pain

i'm lost in the woods accosted by the trees
then sent away because they've been displeased
i run the path, that leads to the sky
and the entire way, like rain i cry
the booming thunder, shattered the ground
i'm looking for a familiar face, somewhere around

i haven't a clue as to where i should go
i haven't seen a face that i know
but here within me, i find no relief
my heart has taken me like a theif

so i turn the rain
i turn to the pain
self-destruction seem so insane
but if the blood trips like precipitation
then self-destruction is my new infatuation

motto: dont f*** it up just suck it up. dont blow it, don't show it, just know it up there.

sick of it all.

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