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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 6:06am
Current mood: indescribable
Music: **lying from you**
Subject: **pop a cap in sancos ass**
hmmm lets see today i broke up with james...hmm kinda felt bad but i wanan do something for myself for once...hmm i just wanna open my eyes to the world and just see whats going on and move on away from drama....Today at lunch i kinda wondered off by myself and we over beside the court yard by the back of the gym where its peacefull and quite and sat there looking at the sun just sitting on the grass thinking about things and then woke up back to reality and had to go to class i hate p.e i sit in the bleachers and just sit there watching everyone play around and laugh and all the bs and just smile knowing one day ill be there be happy till then ill just be happy inside i a very smart friend told me something and it makes me think about all the things he told me stop living your life to other opinions and thoughts do your own thing and make your self happy b,cuz in the end your alone and noone will be there so be content with yah thats what i am trying to do..anywho im in my own lil world and very happy alone....i like seperating my self from people and just looking from the just a very confused person...anywho im just really out it lately so its all good oh yah and im thinking of cutting my hair short but i unno i might not really sure but anywho... im out so ill write more laters when i have something important to say on yah please write your name to your comment cuz i wanna know everyone who comments please!!

_thanks for tuneing in!
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