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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 10:06pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Disney Channel
Subject: Graham crackers...
Today was actually a fairly good started out bad, however. I was all tired...then Roxanne was upset...then we got a C- on our drama thing(one of the better of the day :-s)..then it went up after math. In English, Gwen, Kyle, and I just goofed off and half-wrote our 3rd grade stories. When we were leaving, Gwen reached and grabbed me and shocked me. Then Kyle reached and like shook me or something and shocked me more than Gwen. I asked why they kept shocking me and they responded with stuff like (Gwen): "You're electrifying!" (Kyle): You're shockingly beautiful!" and such chessy puns :-p. Oh well. It brightened my day ^_^. In Social Studies, I was near sleep while the teacher was in the back. 'Twas funny, though, because Mark (Stelling) sits in front of me and he was in the same state. Choir we watched Brother Bear...Science sucked as usual...not too bad I guess, though..Swimming Aly and I watched everyone swim..we got called the "mono brigade" or something. She has mono too. HAAAHAAAA.

I decided to stay after to help build set after school. 'Twas rather fun after I got over my immense tiredness and hunger. I screwed a lot...Christie and I got the title of the little screwers... O_o

I got a ride home from Jon Bell...he is so much nicer than I thought. BTW...THAT is Maggie's love. *eye roll* He does, however, have an awesome CD collection. We were listening to Blindside when he was driving me home for a little while, and I found it awesome. I like them a bit..I wanna here more. We got a LOT done on the set today. Woo!

Now I just found out Amanda has a crush on me STILL...*shifty shudder uncomfortable*...eep. GAA I am lying to her!! I told her I used to like her....I hate lying..I am too nice of a person...= ( I am shy and too nice...meaning I am a pacifist nonconfrontational freak..

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