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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 7:55am
Current mood: horny
Music: None
Subject: In 1st period
hmm im here in the libary bored sitting next to carrie...haha stupid bitch only if she knew i was planing an evil plan agaisnt her muahhaa lol anywho today i ran into james kinda awkward cuz he wont let me break up with him and it really isnt his choice so today i have to be a major bitch and be like look its over and be like move on you dickface anywho*feels really bad* hmm lets see friday im going to ai hopefully with a big group of friends i think...yesterday mikes friend anthony yelled at me calling me two faced jackass anywho i dont give a fly macaroini noodle...hmmm also im very horny and have noone to screww ohhhh carrie baby touch me... ohh yes..anywho moving on gtg bell is about to ring ill update in second period hopefully!!!

-Love your macaroni noodles! Oh yah how the hell do you spell macaroni Im on a quest to find out peafe my homie
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