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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 3:21pm
Current mood: sleepy :(
Music: TBS-CUTE witout the
Subject: your lipstick, his colar, dont bother angel, i know exactly what goes on.
Im bored as hell, im just sitting here, i think im gonna sleepsoon...maybe, today was ashlies birthday, i got her balloons in 5th period and i brought em out to lunch and one of em flew away!!:(, oh well she still had like 6 more so its ok...

sexy mohawk boy does that snuf, chewing tobacco stuff...eww.eww.eww i saw him spitting it out at lunch, there was this huge spit pile, then he showed me it in his mouth, i almost threw up :(, icky icky, ne ways, umm i think me and ashlie might go to the hoobastank concert this friday at the college, i dunno yet, if we don't were gonna go to the movies and hang out and walk to target and maybe barnes and Noble....maybe...

I have to hang out with julian more, he is my buddy, we are starting to be really good friends wich makes me very happy cause he is really cool, even though he is kinda dumb sometimes, we might get in too much trouble together though, ashlie will keep me in line though ;).....

yeha thats all im gonna go sleep and clean my room some more then talk to my lover Ray!~<3~

~~peace nigg-ass

*fuck me running rapidly, backwards through a cornfield*


i have to kill a few people then everything will be ok :-D


P.S: i have a obsession with touching my boobs. oh well
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