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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 6:32pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: commercials
Subject: uh
eh. GAHHH!!!! too much stuff to do. too much stuff on my mind. i have a couple of papers to write tonight. one for history class and one for soc. the soc is actually my final. oh plus the 200+ pages STILL to be read for witches class. that will just get bs'd. at least the questions. the ones that are due. i can pick those out randomly i think. pretty uneventful couple of days. went to class. took a trip to meijer's and sat in fazolie's for like an hour talking with mark. it was nice. we're going to plan a vacation to europe so he can take pictures and i can see the history stuff. italy, spain, greece, ireland, all the old old old places. that would be SO much fun! oh god it would be SO beautiful i wouldn't know what to do with myself!!! today i went to student scholarship day and handed out gifts for about an hour and then hung in the cubby getting NOTHING accomplished. i then went to class (i'm so good like that) and hung in the cubby some more. i had to move to a table though or i swear this kid would have gotten my foot so far up his ass!!!!!! he PISSED me off like no other. i was mean in the cubby and i'm NEVER mean in the cubby. at least not directed at one specific person. stupid fucker. i saw mark, kevin, and marco while i was trying to read. they were getting tickets to the comedian that i can't see cus i have to write those papers i mentioned earlier. i hear he's supposed to be good. i skipped class with mark and went to muskegon so he could get his TT back. it's been there for like a week! he had this cute fast little jetta as a loaner one, but i like the TT. there were some cute little cars there. i want a TT convertable. that would be WONDERFUL! actually anything fast would be nice. i swear customers just need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!! anywho, that was fun. we were going lik 120mph and it really didn't feel that fast. it was really really smooth. i love that car. its the TITS!!! :) SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!!!! I HATE FUCKING CUSTOMERS!!!! i have to go. call me. i hate life.
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