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dreamiecloud (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 7:52pm
Music: usher - yeah
Subject: je suis a lui
that song by usher gives me an orgasm everytime i hear it.

and i dont much care for rap, but that song gets me every time. i love it.

ill be back in school tomorrow everybody. so you wont have to miss me anymore.

even though i dont even see half of you during the day but o well.

some people truely make me sick.

today i went to the doctor.

and as most if you probably do as well i go to a pediatrition.
the nurse woman asked me if i had any problems doing pee pee.

i wanted to laugh at her. i mean everywhere else people think im in college and my little cousin is my daughter, and here at the doctors off i must look like i am 5 again, because that was the last time i referred to peeing and doing pee pee.

that was priceless.

and i only have an infection in my tonsils. i was glad it wasnt anything worse.

lol how immature am i, maybe the nurse said that because she knew my mental age, i went and got a happy meal from Mickey D's
i wanted the toy. so sue me, those dog keychains are just too cute.

but sadly i got the one i already had.

well im going to go make myself clean for school tomorrow, so i do not look the way i feel.

au revoir.
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