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TheGirlWhoHasNoDreams (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 10:35pm
Current mood: lonely
I miss him. I want him here so badly. He’s so far away. Hopefully his mom won’t be a bitch and will let him come over on Saturday after they get home. Even if it’s just for a little while it’ll make me so happy. Today was ok for me I guess. No fawz means no fighting. What a relief. He’s making up stories about my parents to Beth and she’s getting frustrated with them. I hate when he does that. It makes me so mad. Anyway…
Gosh if only I had him here. To touch his face, feel his lips on mine, his hand gently rubbing my back, and to just feel his warm embrace when I first see him again. Heaven….I’ll be in heaven. We have the whole week for next week planned out. We’re going to go to Walgreen’s Monday morning to shop for stuff. I can’t stop thinking about him. I never thought that I could love someone like this again. I love him so much, but I’m so afraid of hurt. Of hurting him, of getting hurt anything that has to do with a relationship and hurt and well…I’m afraid of it. I wish I had more time with him. I only get an hour and 16 minutes with him during school then he has to go to the Math and Science Center. He picks me up after school but I only get a half an hour or so there. The only time I get a few hours is when his mom decides to let him come over for the evening one day a week. I hold that time with him as I do any other time so dearly. It flies by so fast. Too fast. I just want more time, but that is something I will never get for a long time.
Yesterday was fun. Beth and I went to the mall and shopped for a little while. Then we went to Barnes and Noble bought a couple frappechinos and then read some books. Lol. Those books were very educational. I’m going to go now though. Maybe Fawz will share the damn computer and I will be able to get online. Yeah I wrote this journal entry on Microsoft Works first. Later.

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