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noahfects (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 12:10am
Current mood: blah
Music: the rasmus
Subject: a wonderful dream
last night i had the most amazing sleep, and an even better dream. i dreamt that i was with a very cute guy and a few of friends (that i didn't recognize) i knew the guy for 2-3 months, and i liked him and all of my friends thought we should go out. then he and i went into his room and just stood there holding each other, reading a page of lyrics from a song. It was such an amazing feeling knowing that there was someone there to hold and be with you, then we went into bed and just stayed together for even longer.not kissing or messing around, but just being together. But then of course I woke up, and I had started to tear up because I knew that it was just a dream.

As far as spring break is going, its good. i am hanging out with Eden a lot, and its cool because we are getting closer.katheirne and i havnt talked for about 2 weeks. yesterday i went to the courthouse to watch, and there was this really cute kid there, and his case was that he had broken into someone's house and stolen their paintball gun, and then sold it on ebay.he was put on house arrest, then he was caught smoking pot, so his dad called the cops on him, so now he is arrested. He was soo cute and Jewish...just my luck? and as far as my wound goes, IM doing better..iv recovered well....a few days ago my mom and I went to see eternal sunshine, it was soo amazing! I <3 it..

The newest parents are getting divorced and I guess things will just stem off from there? IM going to go..orevua!
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