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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 8:44am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: duh
Subject: holy crap
I present to you....a cartoon script! But...I'll only give you what the characters say and what they do. The rest is up to your imagination. Here goes.
(strong bad and the cheat sneaking to a shed at night time.)
the cheat: *squeek sqeek sqee*
strongbad: you said it The Cheat. Once we get our hands on Bubb's fund raising candy bars, our troubles will be over! We could retire, maybe get a little place in Strongbadia, I don't know.
TheCheat: Squeakity squeek.
Strong bad: All right remember the drill. Go straight for the crispy crackely ones, dont waste your time on those plain old chocolates. Those things are fools gold! Okay, hand me the explosives.
(the cheat hands strong bad a bungle of explosives that turns out to be firecrackers. and goes up with bright loud fireworks)
SB: the cheat! I told you to remove the patoom. All we needed was the bang!
(wee woo wee woo wee woo. Homestar Runner walks up makeing an alarm sound)
SB: Oh no! We've been found-
HS: wee woo
SB: Oh no! we've been-
HS: merh merh mehh
SB: Oh no! we've-
HS: dooo deee dooo deee
SB: ......oh no weve been found out...
Coach Z: I mighta known you were behind all this.
HS: Coach Z, get these lowlifes outta my sight!
(coach z grabs strong bad and the cheat and drags them away)
SB: you set me up! you set me up! the cheat, tell-tell him that he set you up.
TC: *Sqeek Sqeee*
SB: you set me up!

(Strong bad's little brother Strong Sad is writting SB a letter)
"Dear prisoner number 5408 AKA Strong bad AKA professor Tor Cool Guy. I can only hope your incarceration turns your life around as much as it has mine. I feel cooler and less like I suck so bad. I've made some changes around the house. Why, your computer room is now my tai chi space 'tai won...kka.. KI!' Well, I gotta go. Marzipan and I have got a baklava in the oven. Hopeing you dont get shivved. -Strong Sad"

(SB and TC are in jail *which happens to be a cardboard box* they are talking to Strong Mad who is very big and strong)
SB: you gotta get us outta this joint, man. I don't think the cheat is gonna make it! (shows the cheat who is foaming at the mouth and twitching)
(Strong mad easily lifts cardboard box and SB and TC jump out.)

SB: Sweet lady freedom! let's make out!
TC: squeekity sqeek!
SB: Hey, shut up! what, are you horning in on my girl? Only I get to make out with-
TC: sqeek squeek
SB: oh right..the escaping...*runs*

(Homestar Runner walks up to marzipan)
HR: Hey, lady!
Mz: Homestar, did you know that crime is on the rise?
HR: yeah i it?
Mz: yes. things are very serious now so what are gonna do to protect me?
HR: umm I could put a dash between homestar and runner for you.
Mz: really? you'd do that for me?
HR: heh, no, of course not.

(SB and TC runs by holding the king of town's crown.)
SB: boy, the cheat! we struck it rich this time! now we can retire to the moon!!

(bubbs and homestar runner are questioning the king of town on the thief)
bubbs: so, tell me what the perpetrater looked like.
TKOT: well he had a head like a big ol' round ol' red ol' nasty ol' egg.
bubbs: I see*draws picture*
And his hands looked like biscuit dough
bubbs: is this the man?
coach z: I knew it! it's biscuit-dough-hands man.

SB: the cheat, quit being such an old the cheat. we gotta come out of retirement for this one last job.
TC: shjdgoskdg
SB: no no no no no no, its like this: the ransom money becomes the new retirement money and the retirement becomes the college fund and the college fund...well we blow on a really tripped out van.
TC: welll....okay
SB: yes! another victim claimed by strong bad's powers of persuation. No living The Cheat can resist the P.O.P
TC: yeah yeah yeah. let's go.
SB: hang on im not done yet.. And umm....ok, yeah I was done. let's go.

(the king of town returns home)
KOT: Poopsmith, I'm home! man,I feel like some serious biscuit dough. Poopsmith? poopsmiith? *dun dun dunnnn* they've stolen my poopsmith!

(homestar and pom-pom are looking around in the forest for the criminals.)
HR: all right, pom pom. the poopsmith is missing and we gots to find him. What are your first and last lines of defence? "Only you can prevent scouting" "Boy, do we need forest fires" *turns on flashlight* ah ha! pom pom what are u doing out past curfew?

PP: *bubble bubble*

HR: dont play games with me, roundy man! just who are you working with?
HR: homestar runner, eh? sounds like a no-gooder to me. *Sniffs* pom pom did you step in something?

(strong bad has the poopsmith tied up)
SB: alright, doody-man. its time to deliver my ultimate ultimatum. the cheat, ready with the video camera.
TC: ok *video-records strong bad*
SB: wait, hang on! I almost forgot to disguise my identity *puts on ski mask* now we're ready. Attention: whatever wierdos are concerned about the poopsmith!
(homestar walks up)
HR: oh hey strongbad
SB: what the? holy crap! I thought I smelled bacon. how'd you find us!?
HR: we followed a mysterious trail left behind by the poopsmith.
SB: ew
HR: that, and we got an annonymous tip from strongsad
SS: I told them you were behind the fence.
SB: you sold me out! you sold me out! The Cheat..tell him that he--oh nevermind.
bubbs: oh no, its just strong bad
coach z: once again biscuit dough hands man slips through our fingers
HR: well friends and people. It just goes to show you, Strong Sad doing tai chi is reallly funny.
SS: hey!
HR: what? it was! you were like "wahh...chil...tai!" hehe
(marzipan comes out)
Anyone want some baklava?
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