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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 6:45pm
Current mood: tired
Music: train
Subject: whoa tired lady here
so i'm tired. like whoa. sorta took a nap... :) for at least like 30min. sorta feel bad for sara, but its not like the phones were ringing at all. so YJ tonight. YAY! super excited!!! i like the pink drinks. a lot. i don't know who exactly is coming. all i know is its me, lynn, mark, marco, and probably weaver. oh and julian maybe. he's broke but he can come and hang out. only like 30min left. i'm SOOOOOOO excited to see the babies on sunday!!! i miss jacob. he's almost all the way potty trained so he's going to be starting school in the fall. oh god i'm old. he's talking a lot i guess. something with the power rangers, sara demonstrated. how cute. so so so cute. and lindsay has a shoe fettish. tee hee...i wonder where she got that like 20min left. i guess i could write a super super long post OR do my job and call scripts....hmm...i'll choose the job part. maybe i'll update drunk. i havn't done that in a while. and i'll try and make it a long one. those are fun. cus odd's are i'll be trashed by like 10:30. sweet! I LOVE PINK DRINKS!!!!!
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