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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 9:58pm
Current mood: okay//silly sore throat!
Music: get what you need - jet
Subject: how NOT to scare people...
once upon a time..

ok no just kidding


when i was younger

i was at my aunts house

something clicked in my noggin

and i came up with the idea

hey i should go hide

and pop out

and scare people as they walk past

so i checked out potential hiding spots

no not the hall closet

or under the bed with the dust bunnies

or under the cabinets with that spider


i can hide in the hamper

in the guest room that was built in the garage!

so i jetted off to the room

quietly, wriggled myself into the about 4 ft(h)X 2.5 ft(w)x2.5(l) white hamper

so i smiled to myself

thinking of how i would scare the unknowing passerbys

and i waited

and waited

and bein about 7/ have very little patience and you dont like to wait on things

so i figured out that no one was comin

i decided to not try and scare anyone

i started gettin out of the hamper

only to realize that i was stuck

i started to panic

i yelled out for help

the only part of my body out of the hamper was my head

i was crying

they didnt know how to get me out

then i started wondering if they would have to call the fire department to get me out

that thought made me cry even harder

finally my uncle came in with a knife

and cut a big slit into the wicker hamper

and i crawled out

my face all red from crying

and from that day on i promised myself that i would never hide in a hamper again

hmm i wonder how many calls the fire department recieves to free little girls from hampers

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