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xxbabiigurlxx (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 10:48pm
Current mood: uncomfortable
Music: foolish-ashanti
Subject: been a while...
hey wuddup? havent writen in a few days and i thought befor i left i would bring some updates to my slowing diein journal :0) * hehe* well yeah anyways... lets see last time i wrote was.... wholey monkey when i was going to the zoo with biology... lol lets see sooo whent that weekend ...god only knows what the hell i did, prolly the normal, me david and kee out somewhere no!! wait i lied i actually do remember (( friday)) david picked me up from school and we whent and did some stuff for his mommy cuz it was courts birthday party((his lil sis)) it was some hawian thing it was pretty cool and they had all these dancer and this guy with fire lol it was fun and then david and i hung out a lil :0) then whent 2 slept over at britts, and babysat our lil sis and brother (( saturday))we woke up early and picke dup lee, headed over to church for the "easter" bash lol yupp and i was there messing with the lil coloring stuff lol and then! o man they had a puppet show i was jaming to thoses songs everyone was crackin on me lol seriously like every 5 seconds lee what like ur a dumbass "thanks lee it was fun tho but yeah after that i whent to chy to do her eater egg hunt i was holding all her eggs and we whent got the candy ((YumMy)) then whent back to all the games ... we ended up getting really bored so david :o) came to pick britt lee and i us... we whent to the boyton mall for a while and got some stuff then we took lee home. and brittany and i whent over to davids for a while and splet over britts again...((sunday)) i really couldnt tell u and really dont remember... hmm that week was juss school school school, stayed after one day for a vollyball game but that was it....nuttin special lets see... (( thursday)) i whent out to city place with david and markee but we were only there for a lil the most of the time we were at Kees.... and david was bein such an asshole i thought i wouldnt never wanna talk to him again....... guh and thats pretty much how the night ended me so madd at him kinda like always.. whatever idk hes my baby tho and i luv him so0o i put up with it... anyways then today (( friday)) i whent to work and ran some stuff around with my aunt then drove my happy ol self to brittanys lol hung out for a lil and then lee came over and hes a balleR* now cuz he brought me checkers lol anyways we walked to cold stone(((yummy))) and then we got back and had a bad nigth with brittany and lee, i dont understand what exactly happend but i mean i also guh i dont understand, okay i cant say i dont understnad why cuz i do * u cant choose who u love your heart chooses for you* but shes letting herself get further into it then it has to be. hes flat out side shes never gunna be his girl, so why should she sit there and keep trying to make him? its not gunan happen idk i had a long talk with him and he explained everything to me and i understand where shes coming from dont get me wrong i mean i really do but i also think shes hurting myself and bein stubern and not listenin to me... or anyone really and then she think he wants me styll..and theres a jealousey thing there and every once in a while i feel like i wanna walk away and not help her cuz i feel like its my fault..and shes madd at be, but idk im not gunna let that not let me be there for her, cuz id jump off a mountain for her....but yah anywho im off to texas tomorrow morning at 5-5:30 yes! getta wake up madd early but issokay.... were talking the brand new convertable yes my mama bought a new car .. so yeah its pretty and its babi blue :0) im gunna miss everyone so much man forever long with out my buddys and my hubby and my BABY...
hmm o well im missing so much school too but i already have my makeup work so were "square" as miss hill tells us lol but yah... its almost midnight and lil ol me still needs to pack so my ass needs to get off and do that and burn some cds for the car ride... lol its a long one :0)

x0x0 sweet dreams, and have a go0d next 2 weeks miss you *
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