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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 1:35pm
Current mood: hung over like whoa
Music: three doors down
Subject: holy fuck
oh god. oh god. oh god. i got kinda...ok REALLY drunk last night. i smoked. not good. i was kinda upset and feeling like shit and that was the worst possible thing i could have done. i'm retarded. i'm sorry for all of you who i was with. i will not be drinking for a bit. i know i wasn't THAT bad but still. i feel like an idiot. i don't think, even though it wasn't that bad, that i will be drinking that much for a very long time. i still feel like shit and i have a concert to go to. i have 5 hours of work left then its off to the concert and then home to sleep. i'm going to sleep A LOT! oh god you know you are bored when you arrange your change on your desk from biggest to smallest and then from date.....oldest to youngest. wow. if you think about it money is cool. other than the obvious reasons, you are connected to so many people through something as simple as a quarter. i have a quarter that was made in 1965. its amazing to think of what that quarter could have been used for, what cities its been in, what stuff it saw. i just find it SO cool to think that maybe this quarter was used in the lunchen sitdowns or other protests. or maybe it was used to by a coke in texas or something. heather was looking at porn at work!!!!!!! she was on that is HORRIBLE!!! there was a poo one too. gross!! eww eww eww...i'm going to go and surf the net. maybe i'll read a little history.
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