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billyfan (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 1:10am
Music: crying
Subject: why?
okay i no i only have been posting on friends only for a while but this is a exception. no sara i still dont talk shit about you on woohu because i am sincere, and i try not to make people feel horrible about themsleves. i have notbeen on woohu in like a week so i just read yur comment and everyone eleses, i mean really you cant blame cuttin yurself on me it is all your choice. i cant really remember ne thin bad i have done to you, i mean maybe i have said a few things that you did not like but is only cuz ya new i wuz rite, and you felt small and you dont like to feel any worse than ne one else. i mean truly if you were everrr ma friend you could blow stuf like that off. i mean ronnie wha did i do 2 you? Sierra, c'mon i thought we were friends, but i guess sara has pushed exagerated lies in yur head so i guess you hate me now to. Mandy what i have like only seen you once what did i do 2 you. i mean why do people always hate me so much i mean if ne one else said ne thing mean to you you would blow it off. Why me why. i mean i care about yur problems you jus neva want to tell me them. Sara well i cant say i know but i no yur goin thru a hard time at home and it may sound dumb but even though you made me feel like shit i am still praying for you so maybe sumday you could be a happier person, infact i pray for all my friends but especially you and well i really dont know how much i can take of everyone hating me. i am not being fake you guys really hurt me like alot, and well i forgive you, but sumtimes i dont allways 4get what is was u did, i mean really guys yoou should think about yur actions and wurds before you say them, i know you all have problems i know i am not the only one whho is sad, but you dont no what i have been through, all the well neva mind ya probly dont care ne more. i mean sierra you were all worried about me hurting maself but now i guess you dont care so fuck it all!!!!!!

oops at the top it said i still talk shit about sara, i meant i still dont cuz i neva have, i reallized that, sorry for the confusion!
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