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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 3:55pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Save Me-Julius Caesar
today, i went to my cuzins house to eat waffles in the morning then we just lunched and the typical stuff. Last night his mom got all pissed cuz we were playing guitar in the house and i dont know why. well me and jesse went with my mom last night to get her glasses, and then we saw the freaking hot receptionists and they are freakin then we went to clark baker to get some new strings and some other picks.then we went to get some pizza and came back home. i put on my new strings and now my acoustic sounds awesome. well i met this dude called stephen a while ago and his solo project is save me (or was) lol. and hes awesome at guitar, and me and rob are going to start a band with him and it should be way rad. then i baby-sat the lil rolfes on thursday and i actually got money out of i got 20 bucks and i wasted it all the next day ....oh well w/e money comes and goes..and hopefully i can get a new amp soon because i really really need one. a new guitar would be nice but beggers cant be choosers you know. im also trying to write a few songs but its not coming along very good but the hell with it hopefully i can come up with some good stuff and rob and stephen will dig it. well i have some things to do so im out.
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