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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 9:01pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: The Doors-The End
Subject: Ride the Highway West
I've chilled out a bit lately. Im not all stressed about learning all that stuff for fine arts week. It'll be okay! My cousin Chaz is coming down friday!! For his dad's wedding. That's so awesome!!! That means's he can go to the minglewood concert with me and then I can stay late because he pick me up! AWESOMENESS!!! He would've loved last night. He used to beat me up when I was little, but he stopped. His dreadlocks are longer now too. He cut them a year ago.

Anyway, today has been very busy. We went to the store and got hair stuff for mom and I got these sweaters that were on sale for a dollar. They're really cool, I shall wear one monday. Then we went to Minglewood and I got catherine's present, which I meant to get last night, but kept forgetting to walk over there. I got her a pack of 20 Songs of India incense, which are my favorite, and a incense holder that has a musical staff and notes on it. She plays flute, so she'll probably like it. She's never burned an incense before. That's crazy. She put them on her birthday list because me and stasia were talking about them. But, Im happy to give her her first pack, and there awesome one's too. I'm tempted to keep them and give her the rain one's mom gave me. But no, it's her birthday. She canceled her party though.

Then we were gonna go to Lula's Boutique, but they were closed, so we're gonna go tommorow if they're open. Then we got home and Mrs.Joyce said I had to be at the church early to rehearse my reading thing for tommorow. Ergh. We got there and they were practicing this stupid dance, where this girl is jesus and these other 2 girls are pulling her back and forth. Right....Then she told me what to say and stuff. Then we had choir rehearsal, mom got mad because I kept taking off my shoes. Haha. But, in the end, no one knew what they were doing so I don't have to do my reading thing tommorow. Awesome. But, now I'm going to sleep, because im sleepy.
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