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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2004 at 2:08am
Current mood: content
Music: Legend Of Mana main Theme
Subject: Lost on the Road of Life
Lost..Lost on the road of life. The perfect excuse for being late. Everyone's going crazy with all the new stuff coming out this year. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the Naruto movie. Been working hard, a lot of people have come to my store just for Naruto stuff because they were sold out every where else. I had my hands full for the first time at work.. My break was only 5 minutes, I ate Machi.. I was the only one there, my boss was on the phone and just told me to wing it and sell sell sell.. I suppose these sort of things are what keeps the run down place in business. Barely though.. Onimusha 3.. Awesome. That's about.. it.
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