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CandiKisses2010 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2004 at 12:51am
I am still sad that I am not gonna get to see you guys anymore or as much at least... but what can ya do?.. nothing anymore... but I dunno I think I had the worst spring break ever... to start it off I am moving :( then I have to stay home the whole time :( then I find out that my best friends mom is dying of cancer and has only about a month to live... I knew she was gettin bad but OmG i didn't think it was this bad :'( I am gonna be so sad when she is gone and she wants me to read this lil poem at her funeral and I just dont think I can do it Its gonna be WAY to hard to deal w/ I will be ballin my eyes out... and ya well then come to find out more ppl are talkin crap about me and how I supposably did stuff (sex wise) w/ not one but TWO guys in that lil period when me and Ian were broke up.. which is really funny since I DIDN'T.. and I have never even heard of either one of these boys...but o well ppl in cedar must really love me cuz I seem to be the only person every1 is talkin about now days!!.. but anywayz back to my horrible spring break story, ya and another thing is I am not gonna get to see my boyfriend hardly ever anymore.. :'( we finally got things figured out and now I have to move.. could my life have anymore Drama?!?!?!?! ~Amanda*~
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