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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2004 at 10:52am
Current mood: crappy
Music: im not a perfect person...
Subject: this long weekend.
thursday got out of school
and went to kayla's game
saw bailey porter
and things were just the same
kayla slept over
we stayed up till three
i had so much fun with her
just her and me
we watched swimfan
that was scary too
mrs. kayla boyd
i love you!
saturday chris came by
and we chased the ice cream truck
thank god we got him cuz if we didnt
that would really suck
then we decided
we'd go to the mall
we went shopping
and chris got hit on after all
the punk girl was really weird
and we didn't have a ride back
thank god mrs. boyd was there
cuz we woulda been in serious jack
then chris went home
and kayla slept over again
we went to bed earlier
so the next day would be begin
then she went home at eleven
and we said our good-byes
i wasn't in a people mood
i just wanted to die
than the family was all twisted
so many, too many issues
time to break out the bad talk
and all of the tissues
than i skipped robert's party
believe me i didn't want to
but i just wasn't up for doing
anything i normally i would do
so i went to bed around one
after watching mad tv
that was really funny
just myself, and me
than i woke up this morning
and started the day with a run
out for one complete hour
in the brutalizing sun
than i came home to
drinking a gallon of water
i saw a turtle in the road
luckily i caught her
and here i am online
happy easter to all
happy passover to you
give me a telephone call

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