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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2004 at 3:31pm
Current mood: cheerful
I feel like dancing today.

Yesterday I stayed in and slept. I felt all popular becase Scott and Melissa called me wanting to do stuff...but I was sick and icky so I stayed in bed.

I called Melissa this morning and told her that I simply had to get out. We didn't actually go anywhere until like 6:30. We went to Gwinnett place mall so Melissa could buy Easter clothes. That mall has become so makes me frown. But in the end it was okay, because I bought some dippin' dots which where so kick ass.

After the shopping we left for Jillian's. Nick got his job back there so we sat with him. Melissa and I spent a lot of time in the bathroom having secret Bekie and Melissa chats. We then went out and found poor Brent who was in the game room. He made a comment about me getting with this guy I don't like so I had to go back into the bathroom and cry. Not a big cry, just a little cry. Then we went back out and found Brent and I hit him and said "You made me cry" and then he was like "I was just kidding...I'm sorry." Melissa and I then realized that Sam had been all by his lonesome at the table for like 20 minutes so we returned to him. We were gonna see a movie, but Sam had to get home so we drove around and bought coffee instead. I love French Vanilla Coffee.

You know what I've discovered, Brent is like the only guy I know who has that super cool hug pick up thing mastered. When I told him I was feelin' kinda crappy he gave me one (because they always make me feel better) and he managed to avoid my tattoo, which is still kinda sore. Later that night Sam also gave me a hug like this. Sam sometimes does it right, but this time he hit me right it the tattoo and I screamed. It was okay though...he didn't mean to. So the point is, Brent should give classes on how to hug Bekie correctly.

My daddy's kinda pissed about the whole tattoo thing. Yeah I told him...I always go for 'honesty is the best policy' with Daddy.

I still love my tattoo

Jeremy took a picture of it. I'm gonna post it on here as soon as I get my lab top back.
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