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runningaway (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 4:59pm
Current mood: nerdy.
Music: a perfect circle.
Subject: the question of the day: "where do you want to go?"
yesterday was good. happy late easter everyone. sunrise service was good. a lil early though. the easter bunny visited me too.

that was a crazy storm we had this morning.

lenny came and picked me up this morning. we ended up in bear's driveway so we kidnapped him for the rest of the day. it was fun times. i think we went everywhere possible in this town. sun harvest, target, barnes and noble, the movies, fridays, the park...i think thats all. they are some good kids.

tomorrow is school. ew.

i finally got to see adam this weekend. it had been a month since i last saw him. i missed him.

...maybe this was the true measure of love, he thought- when you willingly tolerate behavior that, in anyone else, would be annoying, even abhorent to you....

all my love.
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