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emo414 (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 9:20am
Current mood: confused
Music: Jet - Are u Gonna be my girl
Subject: Friends
they are the most wonderful things that you can ever ask for, friends. people say i have a ton, and i guess i have a good amount of people i consider friends, but there are those certain group of people who are my true friends and i just want to write about them in a journal entry finally because its all about them. no names though because i dont need the drama. i have fallen out and fallen into new friendships this year and i am probably the happiest i have been in a while right now, this moment because i dont really have the friends that brought me down, the friends that were mixed up in drugs and alcohol, even though i did love our friendships, and still do, but dont want them in the same way. i am really going to clean up for one time in my life, and for hopefully the rest. i was watching real world the other day and there is a girl named Frankie on the show (not relating it to Frankie Culotta) but she was a cutter. and i thought it was crazy that people who cut themselves when going through hard times are now called "cutters" because, even though no one knows, when things got really bad i would cut my arms. it sounds crazy now and i dont know what possessed me to do it then but i am so glad i am out of that and the reason i am is because of my great friends. i just want to let all of you know that i love you and hopefully we will be able to keep our friendships kindled over the years. bye for now.
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