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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2004 at 12:22am
Current mood: productive
Music: Legend of Mana Main Theme
Subject: A short calm after the Storm
First day or exams..gone. It was disgusting, I was trying to study while we were waiting for the entire sha-bang to begin but people kept trying to talk to me. Adolescence can be so incompetent, talking away like their futures don't depend on what they write on the paper about to be bestowed upon them... makes me sick. I knew some, but then there were ones I guessed on. At our break again, people tried to carry on a coversation with me. What people you ask? Just people I avoid, people I don't know. Girls, guys, cross-dressers.. All kinds, I nodded or gave them an un-interested "ok," "I see," or "possibly." Then I would tell them I had better ways to waste my time and I would get back to them when I felt like it. HA! -cough- Either that or I said the knowledge would slip from my ears if I didn't repeat my versus over and over through my brain which is fried to a crisp. I didn't go to cram school, getting hit by that little fan will screw up my brain patterns and cost me one too many answers. I must study now.. -repeats notes aloud like a mindless zombie-
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