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LOSERxDORK (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2004 at 12:16am
Current mood: creative
Music: the ramones
Subject: not a bad night
soo last night i went to fridays to dinner with my mom and then she took me to sherri's and sherris dad took me,sherri,and doug to the club. we stood out in the rain for like 5 minutes and my hair got SO MESSED UP! well, we got in the club and guess who i saw? emilio! lol, he ignored me and i got really really pissed. THEN i saw sam who i haven't seen in a longgg ass time because she went to kellenberg :-/ aww. i also saw some girl who i go to school with. then when i was standing on a speaker some kid tapped me on the shoulder and was like 'my friends wants to dance with you' and i was like 'nahh' and they were really annoying! ughhh. then they opened the VIP room and it was really cool. they had a hot tub filled with pillows and me doug and sherri sat in there. we started getting bored so we left and walked to the gas station where i proceded to call [brian & rich and leave derek a message]. the guy started staring at us so we walked over to some closed nail place and stood there. i called [matt] because i was bored. my mom came and picked us up and while we were going to drop sherri & doug off derek<3 called me back. we talked for a while. after i dropped sherri & doug off we picked up leigh and i hung out with her. now im with leigh and we are going to get ready and then wait for rob & tom.

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