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charlie (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2004 at 4:10am
Subject: i think this is the greatest idea i've ever had
i think i have had an epiphany. i can't think of a classy way of introducing it so i'll just jump right in...

PRIVATIZE THE SPACE PROGRAM! that's it, NASA Inc. seriously. the cheap labor conservatives so "no free rides." well, really, who is down with space travel? sure, it's "neat" possibly even sometimes "interesting" in a trivial way. but with this Mars plan and its proposed $1 trillion price tag i don't think it's that viable. so, you privatize, the nerds will go apeshit trying to get jobs because it'll be in their hands and not the governments. and, with expenditures like that even a 2% tax on it would be huge. $20,000,000,000 to be exact. just think, with twenty billion dollars maybe we could get out of debt, explore new fuels...shit, it could solve a lot of financial problems in this country. now i'm thinking like a fascist, corporate state all the way. set things up to tax them and then reap the benefits. but still, that's a 2% tax this could be huge. after all, i'm not down with the space program, and who really thinks it's something "useful" that needs to be saved? even the simpsons poked fun at it..."we're studying the effects of weighlessness on tiny screws." there are enough problems on earth that need to get sorted out before we can even think of other worlds...hell, there are enough problems within these borders to keep us busy for at least a century.
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