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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2004 at 1:40pm
Current mood: artistic
Music: jet-cold hard bitch
Subject: girl band
so jack had this idea...he said that me, claire, erinn, and olga should start a band. or as he put it "girl band. because girl bands are hott". at first we were kinda like "yea whatever jack shutup" but the more i thought about it the better the idea sounded. it would actually be really fun. so props to jack on his idea, and he will officially be our manager. he has to help us write music tho. and touch up on the lyrics that me and claire are going to start writing this weekend. we have several band names in mind. theres one thats highest up on the list, but i wont say which one cuz im gonna put all of them in here. LEAVE A COMMENT AND VOTE FOR THE BEST ONE. also, if you want to be in on this project, have name/song ideas, or just think were awesome, leave a comment and let us know. yea. rock on.
ok, so in no particular order :
running on empty, sex in the dairy aisle, the high notes, fighting back tears, the drama comedy, cheap hose, random task, one night stan's, a fire from the sky, 3rd to die, altamont, avarice, its only eternity, and fearing the wake
what should our band be called.....?
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