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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 1-11-2003 at 10:53am
Current mood: productive

All right. I'm 2/3 through with Kate and Leopold, and I'm madly in love with this movie. There's no one on -earth- I would have seen this movie with when it came out.

It's not a story about time displacement. Fortunately both the writer and director spend very little time playing the 'fish out of water' game. It's more about believing that there's a certain way of being that, although presently unfashionable, is worthwhile.

I used to think that my writing was a reflection of this belief. I'm wrong. My life is this belief. Several weeks ago, I was attacked by someone I supposed was a friend and told that I was a romantic. In being told I was a romantic, it was meant to imply that my arguments had no validity. Because my beliefs were romantic and illogical, they thus had no merit. It's not true. A romantic's argument has merit on one condition: That the romantic act on their beliefs. The romantic has only one recourse: Example.

It's dawned on mt that I've been doing that. I found someone I loved, and married them solely because I loved them. The ceremony and event was done in the way that we wanted. I love my friends as sincerely and as unashamedly as I present to them. When I call you my brother, my sister, my angel. I mean it.

People are suspicious of Romantics. Every single day, we are bombarded with the imagery of romance, the style of romance. It's used to convince us to buy things, to cherish structures, to have sex. Romance is used as a tool, a weapon. That's not what it's for.

To be romantic is to believe that the world is richer, lovelier, purer that it may seem. That's the problem. The definition of romantic is often confused. People believe romantics see the world as better than it is. That's not true.

The world -is- beautiful. It's resplendent and noble. It's so wonderful that I cry when I think of it. I shouldn't. S may be laid off. I'm in a job that endeavors to hurt me. You can't imagine the amount of times I've been hurt. And badly. But I still see the beauty. And in seeing the beauty, there's something I must do.

I have to act.

We create our world. We really do. As much as people would like to tell you that logic, physics, 'the way things are', dictates reality. It's not true. It's simply not true.

You dictate your reality. I choose to live in a world where every friend is as cherished as if they were the only friend you had. Because of this, I -treat- my friends that way, for they -are- that dear. I choose to believe that my friends are capable of miracles. MC will dance on ropes before applauding audiences, delighting in their mix of desire and horror. RL will show people who read what magic can really mean. EK will be a caring angel. RB is a soft toy capable of feeling love as well as giving it. You are all amazing, and as a Romantic it is my -duty- to show you it's possible.

I am not an overweight security guard. I am a scion of faerie. Where is my proof? In how I have treated the world, and in doing so, I have changed how the world views me.

I am not unique. We can all do it. It takes effort and will, but the result is magnificent. Come with me.

Be Romantic.

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