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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2004 at 9:47pm
Current mood: refreshed
Music: Love Hina Theme Song
Today started out sort of bad. I really didn't feel like going to school today. First hour went okies (since Liz and I ate malted milk balls and mocked The Grapes of Wrath (We are the grapes of wrath we never take a bath!))

Second hour I pretty much slept through the whole thing. I was sooo tired.

Third hour was Mrs. VanWieren (bitch of the year) and of course it was no fun.

Fourth hour, Rachel (Dagmar) was being a bitch as well... She was just being really annoying and rude.

In fifth hour, Ms. Barth forgot to give me another grade AGAIN!!! Gawd, I am getting sick of her.

Sixth hour was all right though, I got into Varsity Women's but I guess that is all right since that's what everyone got into (even the immature/tone deaf girls)

After that I came home and Justus and I argued that bugged me a bit. So instead of staying gloomy, I went downstairs and danced and took a shower. I feel so much better now! Yay!


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