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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 8:47am
Current mood: fustrated.
Music: the today show.
Subject: two plain waffles, and a glass of water.
if your best friend is supposed to know
the exact way things go
than why did she spill milk on your shirt
lend another person your skirt
kiss the love of your life
just put another knife
in the spine of your very back
where you can't even look back
and yet we all tend to forgive
just because we know we can't live
without them
but think about it

you have so many other friends
who'll share their lipstick, and their shoes
to gossip with about news
to go to the mall, or walk down the hall
who'll be there when you need them on call
people like me, you don't really see
but you look at all the time
oh your just a good friend, your such a good friend
but when you bake a cake your best friend
just know where the knife goes in the end

you come to my house, and talk so much crap
and she does the game, just like a big rap
and it's funny how either of you know
exactly what you tend to say
and the very way
you roll your eyes at eachother
and then say how you love one another
that's what sisters do
best friends should not
and what would happen if you got caught
you fight all the time, and never satisfied
this one bitched, this one lied
and here i am, stuck in the middle
best friends with both, loving one more a little
and here i stand, with an extended hand
looking for you to understand
you should find a great good friend
and make your none's the best
because if you lose that one
what happens with the rest
that were "just" good friends
"such" good friends

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