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alitar (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 2:49pm
A huge thank you to jessa lynne for unexpectedly paying for my account. I'll keep this one open now, and set up a community at live journal to keep track of the growing number of friends I have there. I'll have this as my book and movie review blog, and maybe separate personal entries to the other one? I'll see...

Apprentice finale on tonight! I don't think you're a great leader persay, but go Kwame! Go Kwame's hot shoulders and thighs! As long as the cameramen throw in gratuitous beefcake shots, I'll still be happy if Bill wins. In all seriousness, Kwame's probably the classiest, most eloquent, respectable, diplomatic and clear headed reality contestant ever. Lacking a bit of assertiveness, perhaps, so he isn't perfect for this job, but I'm still cheering for him.

Watched the Last Samurai. Sort of. Downloaded off the university net thing, in thee parts. Part 2 stopped working halfway through, so my roommate and I just skipped to part three. Heh. Blasphemy, I know. It was well made, I guess, but terribly predictable and hellishly narcisistic, but it's a Tom Cruise movie, so what else do you expect. I thought many of the sequences resembled LOTR, down to the samurai armour which looked very similar to orc costumes. And all my life I had believed that samurai were rather minimalistic in their dress. Here, they've got viking helmets and scaled, woven armour. This is basically a self-serving ego trip for Tom Cruise, with America trying to claim that the Last Samurai was one of their own. Wow. There's Hollywood for you. Sickening, no? 3 stars.

Had my bio exam yesterday, don't think I did as well as I hoped. Oh well. My biology prof died 3 days ago. I didn't think he was a good teacher and I hated the notes that he made for us to study from, but all the time I'm studying and writing the exam I'm thinking - he died. I'm writing a dead man's exam. This is probably the last thing he ever accomplished, putting together my bio exam. I just saw him a couple of weeks ago and all the while I'm disliking this guy who thinks he's funny and witty and interesting while he's really not, and not really a great lecturer either. And now he's gone, heart attack. Damn.
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