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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2004 at 6:53pm
Current mood: HAPPY!! :D
Music: hem of your garment - cake
Subject: im baaaaaaaaack!
ok i wrote this a coupla nights ago
i was EXTREMELY bored

april 13, 2004
time: 9:06
music: way away - this cd!

hmm. computer is broken. oh joy
we took it to best buy today
hopefully (cross your fingers!) it will be up and working tomorrow


went to my little cousin ryan's baseball game tonight

if you live in southwest florida as i do, you know of the terrific, wonderful weather we have been having lately

it drizzled the whole time at the game

i'm sure the little kiddies playin loved it. "no, ma, i'm just all muddy cause i HAD to slide in to home."

the whole entire time when ryan was on the field he had like a.d.d
not paying attention to the game what-so-ever

he was tilting his head back trying to catch raindrops on his tongue, blowing bubbles with his gum, trying to stand on one foot, and many more things that have NOTHING to do with baseball

both little teams line up, high five, then run a-muck on the wet, muddy field

-game over-

so we were walking out
still drizzling

i was looking down at the puddles as i walked

"andie! andie! come and jump!" those devilish puddles yelled out to me

the "no fun" part of me was like, "no, you are 15! no way are you going to jump in the puddles and look 3!"

halfway between that arguement

my feet were in a puddle

the legs of my jeans soaked

but i could hear my little hot pink toes thanking me

so i grinned

and splashed through more puddles

fifteen shmifteen

a puddle is a puddle and i'm jumping in.


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