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charlie (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2004 at 3:20am
i get so tired of people talking to me about the "two party system." it's time someone spelled this out for you: it's a ONE party system. sure, there are a few small differences between republicans and democrats, but on the major issues it's all the same. for instance, let's assume that John Kerry wins the election in November, i am still going to not have health insurance, i still won't be able to afford college, and most importantly, there's still that whole war thing. as much as he dances around it, John Kerry still supports the war in Iraq. and then there's the issue of jobs. being in michigan i've watched three large companies (Electrolux, Johnson Controls, and Kraft) all relocate from W. Michigan in the last few months. normally we blame this on NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which is pretty justifiable, but we all remember who was the president who signed NAFTA into existence, don't we? that's right, it was Bill Clinton, that cuddly good ol' boy democrat from Arkansas. so, obviously the democrats don't care about that, after all they still suck from the corporate tit for most of their funding. do you think large companies like General Motors and Wal-Mart are partisan? not a chance, they have too much to lose and throw insane amounts of cash (we're talking millions of dollars, and that's just above the table) at both parties every year, that way they don't have to worry about who is in power because no matter what the "representative" is endebted to them and will always consider their interests in order to keep the money train rolling. but, back to NAFTA, that was something brought on by the democrats, but now the republicans liked the idea so much that they're talking about moving it further south into CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) so that now companies can go to places even poorer than mexico like nicaragua and pay their workers even less. the only true division in the parties that i can think of off hand is abortion and even that's pretty shady because nobody wants to say how they feel one way or the other and even then, to change it would be a constitutional amendment and that would never pass because the division is so broad between states a 2/3 majority is all but impossible. let's not even talk about taxes, regardless of what the republicans say about making government smaller it's meaningless because regardless of who is in power spending always increases because there are always favors to pay back to the folks in the corporations.

so, say what you want about how we have to get George Bush out of the white house, John Kerry isn't any better, there is no difference worth mentioning, the ends are all the same.
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