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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2004 at 12:32am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Ben Kweller-The Rules
Subject: I Try My Best to Do What's Right
Okay... let's start from the beginning...

Field day:
It was awesome actually. Much better than math. Haha! Andy was in Blue 7, so we got to hang out I guess. It confused me though. Made me feel stalkerish in a way I will NEVER tell anyone. But, when I hang out with andy like that, it reminds me why I love him, but also why I hate him. I dont hate him, he just tends to annoy me sometimes. Such a stoner. Hahaha, that's funny on a lot of levels. He drops his shrooms and smokes his acid. Mwahaha. But, he's nice and funny. Makes me laugh a lot.

Then after school came:
Okay, first nothing at all happened. I listened to music and that was about it. Then we went outside to play four square and steven came too. Shit he's hilarious!
Hey, Bitch you broke my flower!
He makes me laugh a lot too. And he's a very touchy person. As in he grapped me and pretended to hump me, but it was all in good fun. Like one time he just came up behind me and hugged me. That made me feel...good, but not in a sudosexual way. Just made me feel happy. My face was tingly. It's hard to explain.

And you know what, I never expect to date either one of them, but it all comes down to who do I want to be my friend? If I hang out with Andy, steven calls me a stoner and I dont like that. If I hang out with Steven, everyone hates me because they dont like him. Well, either way people will hate me because no one likes either one of them, at least in my class anyway. God, I hate choices...

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