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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2004 at 9:41pm
Current mood: tired
Music: hot hot heat - oh goddamnit
Subject: fizzy pop incense
so yea... frankenmuth was pretty kewl. cody was hott. but he cant change pucker powder for shit. :O) i got to go to birch run and spend a shitload of money. and some creepy guy/girl that was wearing a trench and combat boots went into Guess. that was the strangest thing ive ever seen, so i took a picture. some guy i was in a store with asked me for my number, but he lived in tennesee so ya know... but overall it was a good time. when we came home scott and john came over for a while. we got our asses kicked in foos ball. heh. rob said he bought a guitar...which is strange, because he doesnt play guitar. so he better bring that shit on over here so i can teach him. eric came over on tuesday. good times. today me and claire were gonna go see the punisher with aaron and chuckie but that didnt work out and it pissed me off cuz that movie looked good. grrrrrrr. and me and claire discovered something this weekend. we found that though we ARE emo, we are not emo enough for the games they have in coffee shops. we are emo enough to sit in the coffee shops all day. but not to figure out the confusing games. and we are thankful for that...heh.
cds i need to buy:
jet, every bright eyes, i just got hot hot heat-make up the break down but i need scenes one through thirteen.
so yea, i need money. damn.
im done
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