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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2004 at 4:18am
Current mood: content
Music: cheers
Subject: bravo
Here are some chinese fortunes from me to you. keep em if you want. their a little strange and random but....their cool anyway.

~you will tire of your mayonaise and it will tire of you.
~Start a little fire. A little one!
~Brush up on knock-knock jokes. They're on their way back.
~Hey, it worked for Taft.
~There are some dishes under your bed that you should just throw away.
~From now on, give only high-fives
~Start putting stamps on all your emails
~Buy me a sandwich
~Switching soaps cold turkey will give you a rash.
~A pillow fort simply cannot last.
~A true friend will tell you how stupid that shirt looks.
~Things are about to get a whole lot flimsier.
~Greatness can be measured in argument won.
~Laugh your way out of a tense bathroom situation.
~A life of luxury will end in buxury.
~You will spot a food store with your name. You are not related.
~Make it great. Next time don't be late.
~Gimme a dollar.
~Wait by the phone. See if it rings.
~Your friends wonder if they met you now, would they still like you?
~Have a good time, all the time.
~Park in a secret place where no one can find you.
~Homonyms will give you trouble at a social funtion.
~Make a little guy out of a paperclip.
~You will avoid laundry altogether and buy more socks.
~It's not mean if it's hilarious.
~You've got something between your teeth. Something green.
~You will fight for a just cause, just 'cause.
~An authority figure will look at you through X-Ray specs.
~Clumsiness will bring about a change of pants.
~Ugliness is next to you. Scooch on over.
~Your primary goal will be washing up.
~Pay no attention to the man in the parentheses.
~Try a little television.
~Don't skip school...skip class.
~The likelihood is great that you will bring home some bacon.
~Lighten your load by doing less work.
~Remember that time you lied to your mom?
~Little things add up to a little bit.
~The truth is, banana peels just aren't that slippery.
~"They" say "you" are "stupid." Whatever that means.
~Begin saying "toot" backwards. No one will ever know.
~Your potential is full, empty it out. It's starting to stink.
~Treat others as if they treated you first.
~Yellow text is hard to read.
~Why not try some moldy bread. You might not vomit.
~It's not illegal if it's hilarious.
~Don't wait for a reason to give up, just stop trying.
~Stop picking at it.
~Try a little levitation.
~Briefly, let's discuss your underwear.
~The backwards alphabet is just as important as the frontwards one.
~Tell your boss to quit. Then take their job.
~Start adding sugar to coke. That's why they put it on the table.
~Maybe try and be a little funnier.
~It's not lazy if it's hilarious.
~Length X width=height. No wait. I mean area.
~Ask me about super-dooper savings.

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