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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2004 at 11:41pm
Current mood: awake
Music: ben folds - the luckiest
thank you for the compliments on my journal and yes pretam, i do cut the grass, thats how i get the little muscle that i do have, i even have a hill in my backyard that i have to push that thing up.

i love being awake when no one else is. it gives me time to sit online and just think and wonder. tonight, i thought about guys and who they affect my life. i've come to this:

"boys, sometimes i girl just needs one..."
i've never been dependent on a guy, nor do i ever plan to be. i do plan on falling in love with one though. i like being independent in my own ways. i always thought that a boy is just someone to come along on the ride though and be there when you need him, a good friend. i still think that. i like living in my own world, where disney is real, so any guy that is willing to deal with that then i say you can come with me, just leave me alone when i want to be free. who knows. if you have no idea what i am saying, just ignore that.

lets see what else i thought about, oh yes, religion. lately, i've been thinking about it a lot. i'm still "finding myself" and when i'm finished, i'll tell you exactly what i am. right now though, i'm just clueles, i believe in God and know that I am a christian, now i'm jsut wondering what kind of christian i am. my parents are both catholic. my dad is still practicing, my mom says she is but hasn't been to church in over a year. *shrug* i don't see myself as being a catholic though, some things in that religion i just disagree with.

memory lane is so much fun, jessica and i took another stroll down it tonight. we realized how much things have changed in these past few months. look at homecoming to now. what the heck happened? things i guess. remember that night? i mean i know there were some bad moments, but remember the good? remember the beach? the glowing moon, the waves, the sand, my baby boy dance, the cool breeze? remember the dancing? the laughs? when at least more than one person gets a car, we need to make that trip to the beach again and experience.

i wish people were more content with life. life is so wonderful. live everyday as it was your last, for you and only you. regrets are not fun. my cousin has this thing on his profile it says, "don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive anyways." so enjoy, and experience the bittersweet.

and if thats all bullshit.... you only have 27 more days left of school til summer.

<3 love.
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