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whitenailpolish (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2004 at 9:09pm
Current mood: frustrated
I have been contemplating for the last couple of days about what I should do about Hailey, Britney and Heather smoking pot. I finally did something about it and wrote Hailey a note telling her that it's her and smoking that shit or hanging out with me. It just hit me yesterday how absurd this is. I mean, yesterday I was put into the position that I was running from the cops (a group of us were smoking behind an appartment building, well not me I was just standing there, when a lady came out and told us to leave and that the police were on their way), which has never happened before and was scary. I am also put in the position that I have to lie to my mom. It has almost slipped a couple of times before so It's bound to at some point. If Hailey cares about our friend ship then she will tell Heather to fuck off and smoke by herself. But if she doesn't give a damn about me then she will tell me to fuck off. I guess this is a test of our friendship. well there's no guessing, it is. I hope things turn out okay.. I can just imagine her saying " come on Christina, It's just weed. Everyone else does it. It's not like it can kill you." Bull shit. That shit can become addictive.
Anyway. If worse comes to worse.. I'll find new friends. It's not like it's impossible.
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