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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2004 at 9:56am
Current mood: blank
Music: The Doors-Five to One
Subject: Gonna Make It Baby If We Try
Holy shit. wow. wow. wow. wow. woah. yeah...okay...right...yeah...that's memorable. That was the best and worst rehearsal I've ever had. He just liked...yeah...and all I could do was laugh. But then he did it again. And he said that. It made me yeah...I need to talk to someone.... NOW. I wanna tell my mom, but I don't want him to be killed. It's not like he raped me. Hahaha. Mom would kill him though. Now, I wanna be everything he wants. I haven't felt that way since...him...yeah. And I did it, but that was different because I turns out I actually liked being that. I pretened to like phish and the grateful dead, but then turns out I really did like that stuff. But him, he listenes to that pop punk crap. The stuff I listened to in 5th grade. I can't pretend to like that. It's impossible for me. Love my girl, she's looking good.
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