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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2004 at 6:31pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Mario-"I don't want to know"
Subject: Testy
About me..
1. Starting time: 5:31
2. Name: Jordan Taylor Halliburton
3. Nicknames: Prime Minister Gab Park Jon Puddin' Subincu Pimpy, All those names broken up, Jordy, Jordz
4. Best Friends: Court, Kel, Mar, Luecky, Aaron
5. Sexiest Friend: Chloe
6. Funniest Friend: Kel
7. Smartest Friend: Mar
8. Dumbest Friend: Luecky
9. Shyest Friend: Court
10. Most Boring Person: Rachel
11.Who Do You Get Advice From: Kel
12.Height: 5'8"
13. Date of birth: 01-13-1989
14. dick hand: It would be my right
15. Eye Color: Green/Grey
16. Shoe Size: 9
17. Shoe Brand: And1
18. Where's the question? Right here...
19. Pets: Dog(Tuffy)
20. Siblings: 2 Step Bro's(Tyler-17 and Nick-25), 2 Step Sis's(Bobbie-27 and Crystal-25), 1 half Bro(Billy-11)
21. Email:
22. Boy Friend : Aaron
23.Crush: Luecky/Phil/Daniel
24. Fave Teacher: Mrs. Ayers
Have You Ever...
26. Laughed So Hard You Peed Your Pants: When I'm talking to Kel
27. Ate A Tub Of Ice-cream: Only When Kel's here
28. Ran Into A Glass Door: More than once
29. Went Into Nope
30. Gone Skinny Dipping: Yes... ;)
31. Gotten Hit By A Car: Only when Luecky's dad ran into me cause I infront of Aaron who was sitting on the car
32. Ran Into A Parked Car: When I was wearing goggles and racing my bike...
About boys....
33. Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
34. Tall or Short: Tall
35. Does Size Matter: Well...Aaron's is 8 1/2.. =)
36. Six-pack or Muscular Arm: Muscular Arm
37. Body or Personality: Body
38. Ear Pierced or not: Pierced
39. Sporty or Outdoorsy: Sporty
40. Good Guy or Bad Guy: Bad Guy
42. Hat or No Hat: No hat
43. Tan or No Tan: Tan
About Girls
44. G string or Regular: G-String
45. Tall or Short: Tall
46. Long Hair or Short: Long
47. Dark or Light Eyes: Light
48. Light / Dark Hair: Dark
49. Ears Pierced or Not: Peirced
50. Curly or Straight Hair: Straight
51. Good Girl / Bad Girl: Bad Girl
52. Hair Up or Down: Up
53. Sporty or Classy: Sporty
54. Chicken or Not Afraid: Not Afraid
Which One Is Better
55. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
56. House or Trailor: House
57. Cats or Dogs: Cats
58. Coffee or Tea: Coffee
59. Sour or Sweet: Sour
60. Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
61. Cake or Cookies: Cookies
62. Day or Night: Night
63. Lights On or Off: Off
64. Summer or Winter: Summer
Your Favorite
65. Food: Poptarts
66. Animal: Cheetah
67. Holiday: St. Patricks Day
68. Quotes: "Good Try Though...Big K for Effort!" "Q! R! H-P-S-L-T!"
70. Place: Cozumel, Mexico
71. Will You Believe In God: Yes
72. What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: A pharmaces(w/e)
Random Questions
73.Define True Love: Only in love stories
74.You Born: Yes... I am born
75.Hugs or Kisses?: Hugs
76. Fav day of the week: Saturday
77.Who Was The Last Person? : To..? ;)
78. Bedtime: Never
79. What song are you listening to now?: Hotel-Cassidy and R. Kelly
80. Who Is most Likely To Send This Back: No one
81.Who is most likely not to send this back: No one
81. Ending time:5:44
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