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centralgirl05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 10:39am
Current mood: annoyed
Music: commercials
Subject: gah
Name: Kathryn Rene Meredith

Current mood: annoyed
Current music: Three Doors Down
Current taste: Cottage Cheese
Current hair: down and straight, i actually did it today
Current clothes: black sweater, jeans, and black boots (i'm going out after work)
Current windows open: none i think
Current desktop picture: on work its just blue, at home its Degas
Current favorite band/music artist: ehh...switchfoot (they rock!)
Current book: well it was a romance novel, but now until tomorrow at 4 its Western Europe in the Middle Ages: 300-1475...:(
Current cd in stereo: uhh...some mixed thing with older songs on it.
Current favorite: sleep
Current hate: like weaver, the lack of money.

=Do I=
Smoke?: when i'm upset or drunk, but i've realized that yes it is true, i throw up when i do that. plus its the wussy way to deal with things. why not take it like a man or woman?
Do drugs?: booze is a drug so hell yeah.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? no
Read the newspaper?: sometimes. at work
Believe in miracles?: eh kinda
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: of course, that's what its all about.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: unless you push me to the breaking point..but other than that yeah i think so.
Consider love a mistake?: well i've never actually been "in love" but ideally no.
Have a favorite candy?: milky way warmed up in the microwave or left on your dashboard.
Believe in astrology?: sometimes
Believe in magic?: tee hee no but i took a class on the history of witches!
Have any pets: dog, shadow. i miss her.
Go to or plan to go to college: bah, i'll be a senior next year...i'm old...
Have any piercings?: two in each ear
Have any tattoos?: no, but maybe one someday
Hate yourself: sometimes.
Have an obsession?: not really
Have a secret crush?: uh..its not secret.
Have a best friend?: yup jennie, although i never see her :(
Wish on stars?: used to. didn't work so i stopped.
Care about looks?: i used to i think. at least for me, but i'm more comfortable in my own skin so i don't really care anymore, of course no one wants to look HORRIBLE.

=Word association=
Rubber: band
Rock: on
Green: and gold
Wet: suit
Cry: baby
Peanut: butter
Hay: now
Cold: outside
Steamy: in the shower ;)
Fast: foward
Freak: out
Rain: rain go away come again another day
Bite: the bullet
Blow: pops

Hair: brown
Eyes: grey but really blue when i'm happy
Height: short

Bought: gas
Ate & Drank: cottage cheese and water
Read: read
Watched on tv: uhh...god can't really remember...oh the movie cold creek manor

talked to: some chick who had tons of question
hugged: kristen
instant messaged: eh, no clue i think mark
kissed: damn its been a while, julian
club or houseparty: Houseparty, but some clubs are good
cats or dogs: dogs
pen or pencil: blue pen
gloves or mittens: mittens
food or candy: food
cassette or cd: CD
coke or pepsi: Wild Cherry Pepsi
this or that: that

eat: uhh...home home in the kitchen, here probably kitchen or living room
cry: in my room or while i'm driving, havn't done it in a while
wish you were: somewhere warm

Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: nope
Done drugs?: no
Broken the law?: uhh, yeah. underage drinking, providing to minors, speeding, ect...
Run away from home?: no
Broken a bone?: nope
Played Truth Or Dare?: yupper
Kissed someone you didn't know?: actually no i don't think so
Come close to dying?: yeah

The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: don't know...probably something like smash mouth or something
Your bedroom like?: eh, sorta clean, sorta messy
Your favorite restaurant?: eh, olive garden or charlie's crab

What's on your bedside table?: i don't have one really...but the closest thing to my bed that's like a table is my desk so its computer, books, disks, and random knicknacks
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: well here i have nothing. if at home probably like milk or something sweet
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: Beaches
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you get done?: ehh...i don't really like plastic surgery.
What is your biggest fear?: living alone and never finding that someone to share my life with.
What feature are you most insecure about?: i dont know, probably my body
Do you ever have to beg?: i don't beg.
Are you a pyromaniac?: nope, well ok so sometimes i like to light things on fire, but that's when i'm REALLY bored and outside
Do you have too many love interests?: nope
Spontaneous or plain?: probably plain
What do you carry with you at all times?: cell phone, license, keys, and money or debit card thingy
How do you drive?: eh probably a shitty
What do you miss most about being little?: no papers. no school, really. being totally sure of yourself without the little insecurities that growing up can give you. knowing who your friends are and just enjoying having no responsabilities.
Are you happy with your given name?: yeah i actually am growing to like it. the full one, kathryn
What color is your bedroom?: white. new apartment, probably yellow
What was the last song you were listening to?: that D12 song.
Do you talk a lot?: probably. if i do just tell me ok?
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: most of the time i like myself, but believe in myself? yeah not so often
Do you think you're cute?: eh probably not, maybe in a little sister kinda way
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?: no
Describe your bed: with tons of blankets and pillows, i got cold last night.
Do you know anyone famous?: no not really. my uncle sold a hummer to arnold s. (can't spell the last name, the california governer though)
Do you know how to play poker?: yup.
Do you consider yourself to be a mean person?: no i hope not. unless you piss me off really really bad. then i'm a bitch

=When was the last time you...=
Had a lollipop: good lord, a long long time
Got into a car accident: probably when that bitch hit my car last semester
Were sick: i'm sick now
Punched someone: for real? then never. play punch? then probably sunday and it was butthead (my older brother)
Did the hokey pokey: uhh...probably at some wedding
Breathed helium and talked like a munchkin: can't remember really, its been a while

there you go. a survey. enjoy.

i had a great night last night. i went to the YJ with shal, melissa B, and hicks. it was good times!! hicks was TRASHED!! she did this little leprachan dance/jig thing in the parking lot. wonderful i tell ya, wonderful. we then went to MOJO's. i'm starting to really love that place. definatly Wed night $2 you call it till Midnight!!! i got a blue somethingorother martini thing. it was good! shal's cosmo was also REALLY good. and only $2!!! you get a lot too. so yup definatly summer Wed night going to MoJo's. i have my last final today. its at 4. i hope i do ok. i need to actually go start studying for that. i've got like 4 hours or something...maybe 5...not sure. so yupper i'll talk to you kids later!!!
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