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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 12:21am
Current mood: good
Music: Barbershop stuck in my head
Subject: this isn't quite finished...
"And hope, like nothing else in the world, inspires us and motivates us to keep going."

"Hope says don't just look with your eyes, look with your heart."

we'll see how far this goes, but there's this book i've read by Nicole Johnson with a million wonderful quotes i'd like to use.. so every time i update i'll try to put one on somewhere in my entry... we'll see how far that goes.

anyway, i'm not quite sure why
but this thought came into my head and immediately i knew i wanted to write about it..

the difference between hope and expectations.

sometimes people tend to associate these two words as similar or related...
but i don't know, looking at them now i just get two totally different vibes for each word..
i may be wrong, but the word "expectation" just seems to be negative used in most lights.

and hope always seems to be much more positive.
they really are totally different things..

they are similar in that, you can expect something and when that expectation isn't met, there is disappointment, and probably a reluctance maybe to expect something from someone the "next time"

as well as hope - - you can hope for something to happen and when it doesn't you again get disappointed and are reluctant to hope again, because you don't want to be let down...

but hmm..
when you expect something from a person..
it means you are setting a standard. setting a standard to perhaps what you think they should do, or how you think they should be.

hope i believe is totally different. you can HOPE for a person to be a certain way.. but i don't think that there is a standard that goes along with it.

Romans 5
5Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

continued perhaps some other time..
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