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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 6:39pm
Current mood: happy// feel like dancin
Music: tuesday's gone - lynyrd skynyrd
Subject: down the strip
tears would be running down my face. i bit my tongue which restrained my fist from strikin the wall. i needed to escape.

i called you

when you picked up the phone and you heard me say hello between sniffles you right off the bat knew something was wrong. always when i said hello versus my usual hey, hola, yo, howdy..

you knew the drill

i could hear the whizzing of the bad muffler as you pulled into my neighborhood. i snuck out with my red baseball cap on to cover up my swollen watery eyes.

you always put my favorite song on and put up with my singing off key. we would ride through town with the windows down. the brutal wind blowing our hair around. after a stop at the 7-11 and one blueberry/cherry mix slurpee, i was better.

the hat got thrown in the back of your car and sat on the floor with the numerous fast food wrappings, important school papers, and clothes.

my once crying eyes now peered through the wind and soaked up the flashing world that was passing by my window.

sitting at the longest light in town. beating on the dashboard along with the radio. thinking how unfair it was to have to wait an eternity to turn on to the strip.

the green of the light lit both of our faces up and we both grinned and you grabbed my hand as we turned down on to the infamous strip.

i looked at you as your foot slowly pushed on the gas button. the car was flying down the strip along with our hair as the wind stormed through the car and whipped us in the face.

breathing in the ocean air, everything that was weighing down my soul evaporated. i caught you glancing at me and i squeezed you hand a little harded. i whispered i love you in to the wind. the smile that spread across your face told me that the wind had whispered my secret to you.


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