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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 4:09pm
Current mood: Feeling Better From My Sickness
Music: The Postal Service-Brand New Colony
Subject: Just Lunchin'
well just got back from school and here i am lunchin' with jesse. We just ate chicken and drank Pepsi and it was good. Now we are talking to Gina and um..Monica....and we are just here. Ya i didnt go to mutual last night ( Mormon Youth) cuz i was freaking sick lol but im a lot better today :D. Well i dont think im going to end up going to the church dance cuz i didnt get an interview deal and im taking the SAT's at school and it really really sux. i was all hungry in class haha but the teacher Ms. Patzloff or something like that (substitute). and um Gina and um...Monica want to go to the movies on Friday so i guess ill go to the movies and chill. Idk what we are going to watch but w/e....ill just be there and watch w/e they want to watch. Today school sucked...the schedule is soo jacked up so now im all tired and it kinda sux. Teachers are actually giving us homework and we still have to do it...i mean come on its SAT that sux too but w/ just going to play guitar with jesse for the rest of the day..
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