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chuckfriend (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 9:53pm
Current mood: angry earlier this day, but better now
Music: dashboard-the best deceptions
Subject: hey kiddos
hello kids. how are you. today was quite annyoing. I was angry beuacse of school Im done with teachers, Im done with the kids, Im done with the work, Im seiosuly just done. Im sick of the teachers yelling at the whole class and haveing faulse accusations put uppon me, "be quiet" "SHHHHHH" "shut up" "dont talk" Im just ugh! anywho so thats how I was feeling this afternoon and still am kindof but then I went to play practice and I felt better. next year they are doing little shop of horrors, ah Im so excited and the try outs are in 2 weeks, Im quite excited. but all is well other than that. Im happy with life when I get home but while at school I just feel resentment and anger, skrew life. thats what I say. Leah and MAt kosick amaze me. they are so different than all of the littlw whores back in Pa. they have totaly changed, and they are surrounded by them, ugh they are so cool. ah Molly childress, I talked to her today. it was amzing. I miss her so much. I seam to miss everyone this time of year. I dont even know why. but Im happy here. thank you samantha fee for being in Tennessee. hooray. well kids I hope all is well. your cool. I have 2 pair or black chucks and one green and a pink and andrew is getting me yellow and hes ordered them. o they amaze me. wow......I bleached one of the black ones polka doted, and the other black pair I colored iwth permanint marker rainbowed. but anywho they amaze me. I love you. thanks for life kids.
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