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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2004 at 2:42pm
i have to confess something, when i found out Kaya liked nadia a long time ago, and now i see them like playing around, i dont know i just relly don't know, i Know it's not jelousey or that kind a shit, but..... Its strange to see some of my friends flirt wit each other, like reggie and tiana are going out that is kinda odd and brigett and mason. Maybe it's because they went out more then once wit each other. Whats the point of going out anyway. We can't really go any were. I feel like my movie totaly bombed. Now it's kaya who is the directer. My movie was pointless anywa, his skript is much better, besides he has been doing this much longer then i and i couldn't really stand the ms wong anymore i think kaya can take her, i'll just be invisble once more to all. i have no idea why i am writing this i really dont but isn't it better to let out your feelings in typing then cutting your self, mmm much better. Im happy for kaya i don't know why im just am, maybe it's because he and nadia have this thing going on don't no what thing that is just a thing, or could be that my movie got cut, kinda glad though. I miss cameron, he would underdstand all this, or maybe he wouldn't, maybe he's just using me for like somthing, just so he can say he has a girl friend and shit. I hate bois who do that. Safi dosen't talk as much as i thought he would, he is as omost quieter then i am in gt i think im not sure. I have to ssay i really like safirs eyes there a cool color, i havn't notice nadia's maybe i'll get a chance to tomorrow for now laters
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