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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2004 at 12:33am
Current mood: happy
Music: Lagwagon-Status Pools. Duh.
Oh man, my permit test it tomorrow and I have to study for it up the yin-yang. Oh boy.

I need to update more. BUT FIRST, I need thingys to talk about. SECOND! I've listened to Status Pools (y'all should know what I'm talkin' about here) like, 2,344,981 times by now. Mmm... Lagwagon goodness.

So, this weeks been cool so far. On Monday, Concert Choir had the SCCEA Festival at Hart High. Fun. The singing and sitting there was okay, but, like always, I have a good time taking pictures of things. So I did.

Vince won the 300 dollar scholarship. Woot, go Vince! So yeah, he was picked from a bunch of other kids from other choirs and schools. Rock on Vince. I got an AWESOME picture of that.

And then I tweaked it a little.

Oh, and my school and I ('cept for the seniors, lucky bastards) have been taking the CAT whatever tests, which means MINIMUM DAYS!! Boo-ya! ANYWAY, I've been chillin' here at home, playing a little guitar, watchin' movies, playing video games, and eating. Good life. Well, I don't feel like typing anymore, so I'll leave you with this thought. What is it that spelled wrong is right and right is wrong?

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