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jedibumblebee (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2004 at 1:07pm
Subject: Quotes from last year
Stumbled upon this and thought maybe some of you would like to revel in the memories.

"What's something in French? Menage-a-trois!"- Steve, talking to Joe and Josh.

"If there WERE naked pictures of Emily in the study room, I'd have a 4 point."-Mike

Andy- "Do women argue?" Stef/Mel- "Yes/No" (simitaneously).

"I have good jokes. But people just don't laugh out of principle."- Andy

"I'm from the country, but we don't have any chickens."- Me

"Oh, that was that summer commitment thing that I thought would never materialize."- Mel

me- "No, in this game, you don't want to score." Jason- "Oh yeah, we better re-think this game..." Jeremy- "It's the game of abstinence! Mel's like, 'I win!'"

Mike- "Dave, you need to come out of your shell. You know what would help?"
Dave- "Alcohol."

"Old fashioned love making? Yuck!"- Emily

"Fuck my loose pussy."- Joe

Jeremy- "Dave said superman, superman is not a super power."
Dave- "If it's an ice cream, it's a super power."

"If I were us...and I am..."- Smitty

"I would....ranch! Sorry, you caught me off guard. It was an unorthodox question."- Mike

"I want MY food, because I ordered it, and I LIKE IT!!"- Mel

Andy to Jason- "BITCH! On the floor!"

Jason- "It's kinda cold out here...." Steve- That's because you're a frikken pussy!"

Andy- "Didn't I say something funny the other day?" Everyone- "NO!"

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