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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2004 at 2:08pm
Current mood: My Teeth Hurt....
Your Issues Can't Be Solved With The Ressurection of Your Soul

If You Approach The Act No One Could Achieve Replacing Your Charming Role

Your Age Is Bearly Growing, You Got Your Whole Life Ahead

It Would Be A Tragedy If I Walked In and Found You Dead

In-Considerate Comments are Not Valuable From Your Peers

Future Conclusion Can Lead To The Shedding Of Tears

Ponder All Your Thoughts In Your Head Using Your Brain

Re-Think The Meaning of Life and Hop Back In The Train

My mouth really hurts and it Im at shcool doing nothing. Thank God the day is almost over then tonight i shall be going to the movies with a couple of friends *yay*. It should be pretty grand, now i need to find a way to get some money of my mom. Ya and i still havent asked permission to go to the movies so that really sux. haha but im pretty sure my momma will give in sooner or later so ya....
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