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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 4-24-2004 at 1:55am
Current mood: content
Music: Legend Of Mana Main Theme
Subject: Da ta Baiyo.
Exams are over and summer vacation is right around the corner.. Meaning a part time job is on its way. Yea that is no good but from here to then, it will be smooth sailing. The work in class has dropped down and I have a long line of field trips coming up. Only thing I have to worry about at this point is Kendo, my Master has obviously been going easy on me lately even though I've been "focused." Now's the time I really dig deep into Kendo, I have to if I'm going to keep up. I plan on staying at the dojo extra hours and all, especially since I'm doing that volenteer work over the summer. Riyu is going to visit his family in Korea in a few weeks, that leaves me and Omi. We've finished our whole "Exciting Fantastic Wonderous Time While Riyu Is Gone" schedule, it's great. We're going to the Disney place, the Konami building, Tokyo Tower, and some other stuff. We're going to Akira Toriyama's house too, we been there but this time we're sneaking in.. Haa.. Er, that's all. Yakatta.
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